Saturday 16 March, 2013

Version 4.0

It has been a short while since I was originally scheduled to feature this beautiful 2006 VIP AWD Lexus IS 250. Previously, right around the time I was supposed to shoot this Lexus, all hell broke loose when Andrew Hoffmann, the owner of this ride, began to head home from High End Performance located in…

Friday 15 February, 2013

Will’s SC430

Although not your typical VIP Chassis, William Chau’s SC430 is without a doubt one of those rides that looks right at home when he rolls with his Liberty VIP family. But the journey that brought him and his SC430 to where it sits today did not happen overnight. And, unlike some of the more common…

Wednesday 18 July, 2012

K-Break Aristo

K-BEAK Aristo

Call me crazy, but I just love VIP culture in Japan. This K-Break Aristo for example. Yea, it’s VIP because it’s a tuned Aristo, but it’s so much more. Flashy, slammed, full custom interior, daily driven, and female owned!  The VIP game in America keeps growing strong, and honestly i’m not even sure if the…


New film coming up form Luke at Maiham Media on VIP Culture. Lots of people tend to not “get” this type of tuning. I’ve seen people say things like “That’s undriveable!” I suppose that could be true at times. Personally I love VIP tuning style. My dream to build one always falls short when driving…

Thursday 06 October, 2011

Liberty VIP Presents Black 2

VIP, or Bippu as it is pronounced, originates during a time when Japanese gangsters switched from the more exclusive and rare(in Japan) European luxury vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW to their JDM counter-parts in an effort to avoid unwanted attention from the local authorities. In an effort to retain the style, class and prestige…

Friday 05 November, 2010

The Road to First Class Fitment

Canibeat brought the pain to Princeton, NJ and in the process made a bang of an impression with top notch venue at Princeton Airport, and high-quality choice of vehicles that fit the bill for the motto, “If it’s Proper, It’s on!” This is one show we have been anticipating since we first heard about…