Will’s SC430

Friday 15 February, 2013 | By Ken

Although not your typical VIP Chassis, William Chau’s SC430 is without a doubt one of those rides that looks right at home when he rolls with his Liberty VIP family. But the journey that brought him and his SC430 to where it sits today did not happen overnight. And, unlike some of the more common instances, where an enthusiast would purchase the ride of their dreams with a vision of where they want to go with the build, Will’s situation started out innocently enough. Back in 2006, it was bone stock luxury coupe that he didn’t plan on modding. He simply wanted a nice luxo-hardtop convertible for those beautiful NYC summer days and nights. But, as the saying goes, times change and so do people. The modding bug bit, and Will did the basics at first, with some wheels and an exhaust. But the intrigue and appeal of the VIP car scene caught Will’s attention and although at the time, he planned on selling his Lexus coupe once he became a father, seven years later, and now a proud member of the Daddy club, the VIP life has become his life as well.

Will has been a regular at major northeast shows in recent times, and has reaped the rewards of his hard work and dedication with show accolades and fans alike. On the streets of NYC, his SC stands out in a city known for many great things. Not a trailer queen by any means, don’t be surprised if you catch Will cruising through the Crossroads of the World on any given night, passing you by on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or parked up on St. Marks while he grabs a bite with his crew.

It’s all about the custom work. In this particular case, it’s all about Dreamakers Kustoms and the work they do! From the custom wide body bodywork, custom paint, custom front bumper and L.E.D.S. to the custom side skirts, custom rear bumper, custom diamond-stitched interior, custom rear molded spoiler……well you get the point. Top to bottom, inside and out, this Lexus is unique and one of a kind. And that was a top priority once Will made the commitment to build a VIP-style vehicle.

The silver polished Weds Kranze Bazreia fit the whole build just perfect with 19 x 10 up front and 19 x 11.5 in the rear, and aggressive offsets of -16 front / -7 rear. Riding on AccuAir air ride allows Will to enjoy his SC on the rough roads of New York. You don’t have to be from New York to know that the roads in the boroughs are one of the most unforgiving in the world. It requires a certain level of skill, familiarity and patience to navigate through the city with a vehicle such as this. The air ride is definitely a plus though in helping to maintain the highest possible condition when dealing with potholes, speed bumps  construction and wavy blacktop. For some, scraping a slammed ride is acceptable. But in Will’s case, his SC is all about maintaining a top notch condition considering the amount of custom work that has gone into this build. Don’t get it twisted though. We witnessed first hand, the mean streets of the NYC attempting to tear off those pretty bumpers. Luckily it’s SC430 bumpers – 2, NYC mean streets – 0.

Will’s goal was to create something so unique and different that there was nothing like it anywhere else. Sure, we have seen a handful of other SC430’s done in VIP fashion, but Will’s Lexus stands on it’s own with it’s own particular style. Executed to perfection, reppin’ Liberty VIP on on the streets of New York.

2003 Lexus SC430

Exterior/Interior Custom wide body/bodywork by Dreamakers Kustoms – Custom Paint  |  Custom Front Bumper & LEDS  |  Custom Side Skirts and Fenders  |   Custom Rear Bumper   |  Custom Diamond Stitched Interior/Trunk  |  Custom Fiber Glass Enclosures  |   Toms Roof Spoiler  |  Custom rear molded spoiler  |  LED Puddle Lights  |  2006+ Headlights and Taillights

In Car Entertainment:

Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT   |  3 x Beyma PRO 8MI  |   2 x Beyma PRO 10MI  |  4 x Beyma AST-05  |  2 x Beyma AST-09  |  2 x Sundown Audio SA-8 Subwoofer Audio Control 6XS Crossover Audio Control Three.2 Equalizer  |  2 x JL HD1200.1 Amplifier JL HD750.1 Amplifier


Weds Kranze Bazreia SILVER POLISH Front 19 x 10 -16 Rear 19 x 11.5 -7  |  Nexen N3000 Front 235/35/19 Rear 265/30/19  |  LS400 4 Pot Calipers  |  UAS AeroSport Air Bags over KYB Struts 3/8″ Lines  |  Hardlined AccuAir E-Level Controller with Touch Pad Interface  |   AccuAir VU-4 Manifold Dual ViAir 444C Chrome Compressors  |  AccuAir Wireless Remote Control  |  Gallon Chrome Tank

Performance Custom Exhaust with Job Design quad tips Blitz throttle controller Injen intake

Photography by: Chris UMALI Photography  |  P R A V A N Photography

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