The Road to First Class Fitment

Friday 05 November, 2010 | By Ken

Canibeat brought the pain to Princeton, NJ and in the process made a bang of an impression with top notch venue at Princeton Airport, and high-quality choice of vehicles that fit the bill for the motto, “If it’s Proper, It’s on!”

This is one show we have been anticipating since we first heard about it. We knew that with the standard of quality autos that we find on, their first show would be a tuner-enthusiast’s field of dreams. Needless to say, we weren’t let down! Props to Dave Tormey and the guys over at for their hard work, dedication, and beautiful execution!

The SNTRL Street-Team started out in two places. I made my way up to the Infamous Dunkin Deez on Route 59 in Nanuet to meet up with some good friends of mine so we can all roll out together and have a nice ride down together to the show. While Edo rode with his boy Rich from Fort Lee to Princeton.

America runs on Dunkin…and so do we! =) We should seriously get sponsored by these guys already. Gonna have to make some phone calls!

Shoutout to Charlie on his work of art. This 3 series wagon is a thing of beauty. Ultra-clean with style that doesn’t scream at you, but definitely BREAKS NECKS!! We look forward to seeing more of this wagon soon!

Awww snap, Chode on the Road!

SNTRL’s own Dale at the helm of his TANK!

Drifter X sighting! He also played the roll of V behind the wheel of his official sahweeeet JDM Soarer! =)

My boy Soy Sauce putting Vtec to work on the highways of Jersey racing old ladies in GT500’s and guys with Mullets in purple Charger R/T’s!

Along the way, we all made a pit stop to get some gas and for some of us chubbsters, some snacks. As luck would have it, two of our cars ended up needing a jump after. Just to protect two of the guys from being exposed, I won’t say who it was, but it wasn’t any of the cars in the picture. Here we have Chode and my Celtic loving fan, powder flipping a coin to see who jumps the two cars. LOL

Shout Out to the Staff of FCF 2010! We got there early before the show started since Charles was going to be in the show, and the FCF Staff was on point and taking care of business. Gotta love the early morning smile on our Canibeat homie, LOL!

On to the show, one of the first sights are these CCW’s looking so clean so fresh!

Oliver’s SC on F-Zero CE28’s looking secksi!!

D2forged was WELL represented! Their rims and cars were just crushing it at the show!

Murdered out First Class Fitment!

GTR aka “GoJira“!

Liberty VIP Car Club just owns the bippu scene on the east coast!

Elite just shut things down with this incredibly well done M! Edo and Rich have some sick detailed pics of the flared fenders and true First Class Fitment!


I can never get enough of this S2000 and EVO!

This is what it’s all about, the First Class Fitment Trophies!

Couple more choice selections




For more pics check out the gallery below and also be sure to check out part 2 for Edo and Rich’s pics from First Class Fitment!

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