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Saturday 26 July, 2014 | By Ken



Photography for SNTRL by Tyler Witt

Meet David Bruzewski. EVO fanatic, builder and driver. While the quality, skill and effort is second-to-none when he is planning then building his cars, this is only half  of the equation. It’s once his projects are ready to be put to the test that completes his story.


For quite some time, we have been planning this Feature on David and his black AMS EVO 8. Dating back to last season when his other EVO (“the blue EVO”)  was first going viral all across the interwebs, we were chatting with David about doing something together for the simple fact that he builds his cars to drive them. As awesome as his rides are, what’s even more incredible is that his EVO’s serve as his daily drivers,  and weekend warriors as well. A true CT9A EVO guy, and a die-hard 4G63 believer, he took not one, but two EVO 8’s and turned them into true street monsters.


While the blue EVO was the one that had car lovers going crazy on social media, the black AMS EVO 8 was racking up accolades with David behind the wheel. Built right out of his garage in Michigan, this AMS-tuned EVO 8 was running down the quarter-mile with 9-second passes, sporting a current best time of 9.7 @ 147mph, as well as being highly competitive on the autocross circuit. But the one standout which some of you fans of the former Modified Magazine might recognize is David and his black EVO 8 winning the 2013 Modified Magazine Street Car Shootout.

Imagine building your ride, then taking on some of the toughest competition in the form of shop vehicles from some of the biggest-names in the industry. All while doing this on a multi-event competition for the world to see. Battling it out on the dyno, drag-strip, autocross and time attack, David, along with his co-driver Jared Hoops, took home top honors by winning the coveted award after beating out 14 other teams.

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Born to fly. This EVO goes fast and looks the part. Sporting a full-host of AMS goodies including the 2.3 stroker kit for the 4G63, AMS 850R Turbo Kit, AMS Fuel System and supporting mods, David’s EVO spins the dyno to the tune of  777 wheel-horse-power. Built in Michigan and tuned out of AMS Performance in West Chicago, David takes his EVO to the tuning experts where they work their magic on the AEM V2 Engine Management System (EMS). Although we have seen our fair share of EVOs put out comparable-to-higher dyno numbers over the years, putting those numbers to good use is what sets a build apart from the rest.

This EVO is the perfect example of what a proper combination of Form and Function is. Fitted with the perfect wheel and tire setup consisting of the timeless Volk Racing TE37’s wrapped in Dunlop Direzza Star Spec 275 Tires, and sporting an AMS carbon fiber roof along with Voltex aero all-around, David’s EVO has the aesthetics department on lock. More than just good looks, everything was well-thought out to serve a purpose for performing at the highest levels.


Thanks to a fully-built drivetrain which includes a Shepard Racing Transmission, Torqueline driveshaft, Exedy/AMS Push Style Triple Metallic Clutch and a properly-tuned suspension comprising of Ohlins FLAG Series Coilovers, AEM Strut Bars and AMS Trailing Arm Bushings, this EVO is built to conquer all challenges.

Just Drive.

How many people do you know that work hard, make their passion a reality, then put it to the most extreme test? For people like our homie David, he puts his work into action and that’s something we can appreciate.



Engine AMS 2.3 Stroker | Ross 8:5 to 1 Pistons | Oliver Rods | AMS/TMS Head Studs | ARP Main Studs | AMS Race Ported Head | Supertech +1mm Valves | Supertech Springs and Retainers | Tomei 280 Pro

Cams | Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears



AMS 850R Turbo Kit | AMS 3″ Exhaust | Tial 38mm Wastegate


AMS Race VSR Intake Manifold | Bomba 75mm Throttle Body | AMS Race Intercooler | AMS 3″ Intercooler Piping | Tial BOV



ID2000 injectors | AMS 1000 HP Fuel System | AMS Fuel Rail | AMS C.O.P.


Engine Management/Electronics/Gauges

AEM V2 EMS | AiM Dash | AMS Small Battery Kit | AEM Wideband Gauge



Shepherd Racing Transmission | Exedy/AMS Push Style Triple Metallic Clutch | AMS Clutch Lines | Torqueline C/F Driveshaft



Ohlins FLAG Series Coilovers | AMS Trailing Arm Bushings | AEM Strut Bars | Giro Disc 2 Piece Rotors



Volk TE37 18 x 9.5 | Dunlop Direzza star spec 275 Tires




AMS C/F Roof | Ralliart C/F Hood | Voltex wing | Voltex front bumper | Voltex diffuser | Voltex side skirts



A true street car that’s ready for track duty and competition. David’s EVO is a dream turned reality.



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