Back in 2004, SNTRL was just an idea shared by two individuals who had a passion for expressing true culture. From the start, we’ve been immersed in the constant evolution of subculture. The life that encompasses everything from art, to music, to cruisn’ on your wheels – whatever they may be.

Born on the streets of NYC, the SNTRL Fam hails from various places across the US and abroad. As we progress, we’ll bring you along for the ride, where ever it may take us.

On the streets, it’s all about living that passion. Whether it’s the fresh kicks that you camped out for, the mixtape blasting through your headset, the freestyle battle by the corner bodega, or the sleepless nights trying to get runs poppin’ off, we do what we do because it’s our life.

Whoa! Easy! Easy! Yea, we agree, its literally a big bold statement. Honestly though, people can sugar coat it all they want, in the end, this is what SNTRL is all about. In life, what can truly differentiate an individual from the masses, is the thought process, drive, determination and strength to follow one’s own passion and style while not giving a damn what the next person thinks.