Friday 29 November, 2013

Street Harmony


Kenny Swany’s “LowAndGo” STi  -  Words by Evan Kaston  |  Photography by Christopher M. D’Angelo Photography The constant battle between stance cars and race cars is something that’s going to stick with the car community as long as there are cars. Some people prefer the all show and no go look utilizing camber and tires…

Saturday 05 October, 2013

No Mercy


More than a decade after it hit the streets, the popularity and appeal of the EM1 Honda Civic is still going strong. Much like when the 1999/2000 Honda Civic Si was introduced to the world, the fan-following and enthusiast-loyalty is note worthy. It’s a testament to the strength of Honda nation. Old and young enthusiast…

Saturday 07 September, 2013

Low Lifes


Low Lifes. On the mean streets of New York, your typical “low-life” is a common site. People who make you want to slap Alpha wheel locks on all four of your wheels. It’s nothing new, and it’s a part of what defines the New York urban culture. For August Arena III and Ahmad Hassan though,…

Thursday 22 August, 2013

Shyam Spoon

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Shyam Spoon There’s a reason why our buddy Shyam goes by the nickname, “Shyam Spoon”. Shyam happens to be his first name. Spoon on the other-hand is a name that has been synonymous with Shyam for quite some time. A die-hard Honda enthusiast for over 10 years now, his journey has taken him through various…

Wednesday 21 August, 2013

Unlikely Friends


Not your typical friendship, the rivalry between the STi and the EVO  go back to the days of World Rally Championship when the Subaru’s and EVO’s dominated the sport, going head to head in competition. On the street, the fight spilled over as the manufacturers were pumping out rally-bred street counterparts, and the rest is…

Tuesday 13 August, 2013



The E30 BMW M3. An iconic ride that has captured the imagination of millions of car fanatics for over two-and-a-half decades. Whether you have the privilege to own and enjoy your very own E30 M3 or not, it will likely burn a hole through your soul for the rest of your life. Miro Sutai, owner…