Thursday 10 March, 2011 | By Ken

HondaDay Crew Go Kart Battle!

Spring is right around the corner and the smell of burning rubber will be filling the air! Honda Day 2011 is quickly approaching. The Honda Day Crew alongside Pole Position Raceway hosted the Go-Kart Battle event in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Rolling up in the parking lot outside, it was evident we were in the right place. All the sweet rides hard parked while its owners were battling it out inside! OG’s in the import game and enthusiast came together to take the competition to the Go-Kart track, and what a battle it was!

The event was scheduled to run from 7:00pm till 11:00 pm. The turnout was so good, that some competitors were unable to get in on the battle. The waiting list for the runs was locked up by 8:45 pm, followed by the championship runs at 10:30 pm for the fastest qualifiers.

A Tuesday winter night turned into a classic night. The Honda Day Crew and Pole Position Raceway provided a night of blood pumping adrenaline and good times that beg to be repeated annually at the very least. A prelude to the Season? Honda Day? We want more! We are
looking forward to the next Go-Kart Battle. Time to get our practice laps in!!!!

Props to Javier Ortega and the rest of the Honda Day crew for the pre-season jumpstart!

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SNTRL at the FRESH MEET Summer Bash!
SNTRL at the FRESH MEET Summer Bash!
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