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Fresh Meet Summer Bash
Monday 09 July, 2012

SNTRL at the FRESH MEET Summer Bash!

The meet of the summer is right around the corner. This coming Sunday is the The Fresh Meet Summer Bash! With space for over 2000 cars and countless spectators expected to show, you better believe this is place to be on July 15th! SNTRL’s been a big part of the Fresh Meet since it’s inception….

Thursday 10 March, 2011

HondaDay Crew Go Kart Battle!

Spring is right around the corner and the smell of burning rubber will be filling the air! Honda Day 2011 is quickly approaching. The Honda Day Crew alongside Pole Position Raceway hosted the Go-Kart Battle event in Jersey City, New Jersey. Rolling up in the parking lot outside, it was evident we were in the…

Friday 15 October, 2010

Cut&Paste NYC

What do you get when you set up 4 macs in a room of full designers that are eager to win big? You get Cut&Paste! Now you may be asking, isn’t that just something I do on my PC? Well, yes, but its also the name of the only traveling live competition that gives designers…