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Finally. Finally, I got to see Rubble Kings! What is Rubble Kings you ask? It’s a film that should be a required watch for anyone who’s even remotely interested in NYC and HipHop. Rubbie Kings is a documentary that takes us back to war zone that was the Bronx, NY back in the 1970’s. This is where shit got real every day and every night. Growing up in the Bronx, I always knew this borough had somewhat of a bad rep, but I never thought it was so bad. Even today, people think it’s too hood out here and have unlimited reasons to avoid this part of town at all costs. I always thought people were exaggerating the hell out of the danger here…until I saw Rubble Kings. Now I know where the fear and reputation came from, The Bronx was NO JOKE. I’ve been wanting to check this out ever since I saw the trailer for it about a year ago. I’m huge fan of old NY, so this was a definite must watch. The only issue was, I never thought this film was going to see the light of day…until now. This week, I found out about the NYC screening/fundraiser event for the film. Once I heard about this, you already know, I absolutely HAD to be in attendance. Myself and none other than the infamous NYC OG, TMINUS NYC, another lover of OLD NY, hit up the event, not just to watch the film, but to experience it.

Rubble Kings

I’d love to give you a summary of the entire film, but honestly, that wont be enough. This is one of those documentaries that you have to watch and let it take you back to those days. Once it was over, T and I looked at each other and had the same thought, “Sick!”

Here’s the deal, Rubble Kings needs to be funded in order to be released to the public. They’ve set up a kickstarter page where they need people to pledge. Their goal is to reach 50K when it’s all said and done. The cash will go straight to paying for the royalties to use the vintage footage, photos, music, etc.

Rubble Kings T-Shirt

Check out the trailer, take a look at the dope stuff you’ll have the opportunity to get if you pledge a certain amount. If you have no funds to spare, that’s all good too, you can still do your part by sharing this anywhere and everywhere! There’s only a few days left to reach that goal. Do it up if you’re into it, spread the word!

Much respect out to Shan Nicholson and the Rubble Kings crew for putting this incredible film together.

Rubble Kings Kickstarter

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