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Jeep Mighty FC Concept

The Jeep Mighty FC Concept digs up the Forward Control truck idea from the company’s days under Willy’s. This monster started off as a two-door Wrangler in December, now it’s been chopped up, lengthened, lifted, and totally re-imagined. The cabin’s nose was lopped off, the back of the Wrangler pickup kit encloses the rear, and all-new doors were fabricated along with a long bed which conceals the spare tire, fuel tank, and suspension pieces, there’s a little bit of storage along the top side of it. The drivetrain is stock Wrangler – 3.6- liter Pentastar V6 with about 285 hp, but now it’s under the seats as is the front axle. That axle’s also been modified with portal axle ends, a kit from Mopar which bolts to the end of a stock solid axle and offset’s the wheels from the center of the axle. The result – more ground clearance with a less extreme suspension. Giant 39″ tires, a full-length cargo box, minimum overall length for superior maneuverability, a cabin that sits atop the front axle, Mopar Portal Axles,  a Corsa stainless steel exhaust, and a Warn winch finish out the look. The Jeep crew begins testing this month and plans to wheel it in the off-road playgrounds of Utah, so they’ve fitted it with a roll cage just in case coming down hills doesn’t go as planned. BADASS.

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