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Thursday 29 March, 2012 | By Ken

Based on a poll of about 10 random individuals who were available for questioning at the time, when you read the title of this Feature, one will probably wonder who “Link” is, and more importantly, what is his/her “joke (JK)” about. Well, let’s get right to the point and clarify it all for you, so you can truly understand and appreciate this Feature.

Andrew Link is Photo Director/Staff Photographer for RIDES Magazine, and if you have seen some of the sickest, craziest, wildest rides in RIDES mag, there is a good chance, Andrew was involved and/or responsible for those epic photos. So it is only fitting that the guy that brings you awesomeness each month would have a ride that he himself holds dear. Enter his 2010 JK Wrangler. What exactly is a JK, you ask? No, its not an abbreviation for “joke”, although if you laugh at this Jeep, you will be pleasantly surprised. JK is the chassis code for the 2007-2010 Jeep Wranglers, and a quick glance would tell you that this is no ordinary Jeep. The shiny, front-mount-intercooler-setup suggest that the 3.8L motor is no longer naturally aspirated, those large, 20 inch wheels with enormous mud-grappler tires are not factory and the olive-green army color scheme suggest this Jeep is ready to save the world.

Those shiny braces starting at you in the rear view suggest to move over.

Under the hood sits a R.I.P.P Supercharger boosting the factory 3.8L motor to the tune of 250whp on a daily diet of pump gas.

Not just does it look pretty under the hood, but it sounds pretty damn mean as well.

This is one truly custom Jeep Wrangler. From the bumpers, to the fenders, to the side steps,  right down to the olive green scheme you see before you. Setting this Wrangler apart from the rest of the JK crowd took hard work, determination and dedication. Thanks to Xclusv Autosports, the job got done the right way.

LoD front bumper || LoD rear bumper with tire carrier and gas can holders || Smittybilt side steps || Rugged Ridge windsheild light bar || Hella black magic lights || red and blue police strobe kit || graphics by GrafX || 3M 1080 Scotchprint flat green wrap

The wheel and tire combo here consist of 20″ KMC Rockstar wheels and 37″ Nitto Mud Grappler tires. This is not your typical wheel and tire setup for a JK Wrangler that is sitting on a 2.5″  lift kit. Custom work to the fender/wheel wells was necessary.

2.5″ Teraflex lift || custom Fox shocks

Inside, the interior was done right. Complete with a stereo by Xclusv Autosports, Surprise Straps grab handles and Katzkin Leather interior.

Clarion NX501 headunit || 2 JL 300/4 amplifiers || 1 JL 1000/1 amplifier || 2 10w7 subwoofers

Daily street duties are the norm. Keep an eye out for this JK on the streets of New York as well as on the show circuit in and around the Tri-State area.

Andrew’s build represents more than just a passion for the automotive culture. It represents patriotism, friendship and family, including a dedication to loved ones that live through memories and their spirit.

Andrew and his JK are always on the move.

Special thanks goes out to RIDES Magazine, R.I.P.P Superchargers for the pleasure of Boost including install and tuning, Xclusv Autosports for the build of this JK, 3M for the 1080 Scotchprint flat green wrap and for the installation of the 3M wrap.

For the full gallery, please scroll below.

Photo Cred: Kenny Bascon

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