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    NIGHTRUN – Box One Collective from Box One on Vimeo. Loving this video. “Tsuki No Usagi goes for a Nightrun. The Nightworld is his free zo

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    Saturday morning April 5th, the first Offset Kings of the year was in full swing! This was my first time visiting a show put on by the Fatlace crew an


    SNTRL X ImportExpo video coverage is a go! The show that brought together cars from all over the USA and Canada was full of amazing eye candy. If you

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Monday 04 November, 2013

First Class Fitment – Part 2

First Class Fitment is a show that is all about the most top notch fitment. Most will understand, some won’t, but there is no denying that after you have seen the cars on display, it’s easy to have a greater appreciation for truly proper wheel, stance and fitment setups. The cars that had the privilege…

Thursday 31 October, 2013

First Class Fitment 2013 – Part 1

Canibeat’s First Class Fitment celebrated their 4th year running, much the same way they have the previous three years: Bringing together some of the most awesome and visually stunning examples of automotive beauty. On location at Princeton Airport, home of First Class Fitment, this place has became a place of familiarity. Having attend the event each…

Thursday 31 October, 2013

A Look Back: H20 International Week 2013

Out of all the pieces I write throughout the year, this is the one that I look forward to the most. H2oi Week is the highlight of every east coast car enthusiasts year, and for a select few even the west coast this year, and this is my chance to look back at it all…

Sunday 27 October, 2013

Bring Back The Touge

If you haven’t felt like drifting today, this video will change that. 4 minutes of beautifully shot drift action on a mountain road (touge) with an awesome oldschool NA JZX30 from Underground Garage. This took me back to the days when I used to buy the Hot Version DVD’s just to watch the Gunsai touge…

Friday 25 October, 2013

The PreGame Part 3

Photography by Erica Lee aka Wild Legacy Photography  |  Sam Shirreff  |  Cedric Melbourne Photography  |  P R A V A N Photography   |  Kenny Bascon | Jeffrey Liu Photography If you have been following along for Part 1 and Part 2 of SNTRL x WEKFEST’s The PreGame coverage, you have followed us as we got together the night before the…

Thursday 24 October, 2013

Slammed Society Japan – Part 3

Slammed Society Japan 2013 – Part 3 – Full Show Coverage It was awesome following the adventures of LEVEL ONE and Bank Aie-Ki as they made their way to Fuji Speedway as showcased in Slammed Society Japan – Part 1. The second post, Slammed Society Japan – Part 2 continued with the excitement and anticipation as everyone waited…