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Let’s face it we all like old things and vintage items have always had more character than something brand new. According the Webster’s dictionary, the term used to describe the surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use is “patina”, and every item at the “Long Island Cars” Car Shows & Swap Meets at Belmont Racetrack had their own version of patina. The event was where old things gathered, ranging from classic cars to flea market type items. As TMINUS NYC and I walked from row to row, we saw things with character and sometimes things better than the previous. Materialism has been bred into American culture and this is exactly where things find a whole new life. Things long forgotten in an attic, garage, or closet are dusted off and given new meaning to a new owner. This is Americana at its best, where pop culture of yesterday is displayed for a public show and tell. Some sellers come out to just enjoy the interaction with people, while others are there to make some serious fortunes. Old things, cars, and great laughs filled our Sunday.

The items viewed ranged from old military surplus and car parts, to nazi memorabilia and your dad’s playboys.

Amongst some oddities were the Yankee and Mets subway stop lighted signs priced at $100 each.

Old retired military items finds their way to these events are always fun to look at, whether they are grenades or bullet shells.

Once we passed the swap meet section the classic cars were spread out on the field.

There were a few very clean minis, and here is an example of a pristine mini kept in immaculate condition.

The wide range of cars ranged from restored Ford Model A’s, to homegrown go-karts stuffed with motorcycle engines.

One of our favorite cars from that day was the crypt race car. Check out the plate.


Words by: Pravan Kuntmala
Pictures by: Pravan Kuntmala & TMINUS NYC

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