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Its about time…

Its' about time

Late as usual! Launching “Summer 2010”, haha. Well, fashionably late is something that can at times be a good thing, especially if you hate being the early one, waiting for the rest of the late heads to show up, and in this case, I can tell you being late is definitely not a bad thing. Good things come to those who patiently wait for their moment to execute what has been in the works for 6 years. Now it’s time to put you on. We’re putting in the work to do this right, doing what drives us each and every day.

sntrl underground culture

One fine summer day, a little over 6 years ago, there we were, setting up the latest photo shoot for Team Revelation(TR) out on Jerome, by Fordham road in the Bronx. We were in the process of setting up TR’s website, going through images and the usual convos started about the recent runs going down on the streets. The latest mixtape blasting from an unknown system while we chilled in front of a sick Graf mural that we used as a backdrop for the shoot. That same mural, created by legends, still exists, but unfortunately, now lays dormant behind a franchise that set up shop. The evidence of culture will always be there will always be there, waiting to be discovered.

respect the streets

Back then, Ken’s days were his nights, and his nights were days. A nocturnal guy whose routine consisted of getting home at sunrise and waking up at sunset. From Sunday through Saturday, he was out there hitting the spots looking for runs. If it wasn’t the streets of the Point all the way to the Connector, it was at Etown or Atco lining it up. Working on that r/t and 60ft was key to crackin some ass! Gotta stay sharp at all times. There was just something he found while behind the wheel that drove him to compete and be ready. Bring the heat, but always respect the streets. If he wasn’t behind the wheel, he was at the shows with TR across the northeast bringing home trophies with his crew. Ken appreciated hard work and dedication, and that’s what also inspired him.

Late nights and no fear

Edo on the other hand was more of the creative type. This dude seemed to always be in the know about the latest Graff murals/tags going up. Grew up as a hiphop head on the streets of the BX. These days, his music tastes have no boundaries. This guy was hitting up secret password parties in abandoned warehouses while Ken was burning gas all night. He didn’t do that every night though. There were times where he’d join Ken and his crew in their love for speed based competition. The true underground culture that is hidden to even the most perceptive New Yorkers. Then there is Tokyo, a place that some say dreams are made of, pretty much Edo’s second home. His yearly visits fulfill his love for all things Japanese, whether it be Wangan top speed GT-R’s or Akihabara arcades. Whether it be in NYC or Tokyo, Ed always has the desire to live in the culture, not just watch it go by.

Edo the everything otaku

After realizing that both share the same amount of drive for our respected interests, SNTRL was born. SNTRL is about the one thing all of us share. An artist meets a racer, a skater meets a breaker, a gamer meets a fashionista. They are unrelated, yet somehow, their devotion to their craft has led them to cross paths. The lifestyle of each individual may be different, but they share one thing. The need to live their passion, for it is the only way for anyone to truly live. SNTRL follows and shares the life experiences of those who actually live.

style and skill

Much like our home, the city of street culture, NYC. The Pride, the Love, the Life. Borough to borough, block to block, the streets are live. Step right outside, people are getting it in. The renaissance continues, as does our passion-driven desire to live in those moments doing what we love, whatever that may be.

This is the Lifestyle MashUp. This is SNTRL.

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