Friday 10 September, 2010 | By Ken

Mishka X Acclaim Mag

We actually arrived here kind of late since we were at two other events, all of which started at the same time this particular Friday Evening. Still, when we arrived after 9pm, the event was still in full swing, and being big fans of Mishka, it was a big plus to be a part of the festivities. Also got to get an early look at the new fall line. Shout out to Jonathan and the gang that were excellent hosts. I picked up a couple of Mishka exclusive items, kicked some ass in the OG Street Fighter Arcade, watched my boy Edo get his ass kicked by a chick in Street Fighter, and just thoroughly enjoyed the store. Being a first timer to the store (unlike Edo, who has been there a few times already), I appreciate the store’s appeal, representing what Mishka is all about.

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