Wednesday 25 April, 2012 | By Edo

DRIVEN: Behind the Scenes at Pagani

I think everyone has a dream car. Even if you’re not into cars, there is that one car that you would definitely buy if you suddenly came across enough luck to win the lottery. Now most non-car people would say something like Lambo or Ferrari, which is perfectly fine, those platforms are incredible. However, car people, like myself and most likely you, might answer a bit different. Maybe a RE-Amemiya Touge Monster or Top Secret built V12 Supra would suit you better. Personally, there is only one company that comes to mind when someone asks me about my dream car, and that’s PAGANI. I’ve always been in love with the design of the Zonda. It truly is car and at the same time, a work of art. The new Huayra definitely took some getting used to, but now I’m starting to fall for it as well.

This video pretty much sums up why this car would be a dream to own. There is something a bit more that goes into building and owning a car from PAGANI. One day perhaps. For now I guess I have no other choice but to fire up the Xbox…

Film by DRIVE

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