NYC Nights: Umali’s Meet

Wednesday 29 June, 2011 | By Ken


New York City, known as a place where one can expect the unexpected. Most of its inhabitants are usually unfazed at pretty much anything you throw at them. The phrase “It’s New York. Who cares?!” can often be heard from the opinionated locals reacting to the random occurrences that pop up in and around the city. On one particular night, an interesting event was about to take place. A gathering of epic proportions that may even make the most jaded New Yorker take notice. What event you may ask? Well its the annual Umali Manhattan Meet aka the “Halal Meet” of course!


Yet another meet threatened by rain, Umali gave the go-ahead for the meet a few hours before it was scheduled to go down, and it was a good thing he did. Import fiends from around the boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, New Jersey, and Connecticut converged at the first meet spot: The famous Halal food truck. The crew grabbed some incredibly delicious and probably unhealthy grub before heading out on a huge caravan throughout the streets of NYC.


Standing at the Halal spot, even as a light drizzle fell, cars and bikes started to pour in. We lost count after 80. Someone pointed out they stopped counting at 103. Midtown was taken by surprise as the city block around the Halal Truck radius was invaded by some of the cleanest imports on the East Coast.




Once the caravan was ready to move out, the next stop was South Street Seaport. Along the way rolling through Times Square. Oliver’s SCUPRA, ominously marking the arrival of the caravan. Tourists and New Yorker’s alike were treated to an unexpected show as the group cruised through the crossroads of the world.






SNTRL’s comrade TMINUS decided to join the soiree with his immaculate CR-X. Good luck finding one as clean as this folks.


Next stop to be conquered: The South Street Seaport. The shenanigans continue…





Although the meet was full of mature well mannered drivers, the sheer number of them caused a bit of a ruckus at the Sea Port. Before long, it was time to roll out. Where to you ask? Uptown baby.






Upon reaching the final destination, the deviants finally stopped, exited their vehicles, and conversed. The drivers recalling the events of the night, making new friends, and finding inspiration amongst themselves. For some it was a night to remember. For others, just another night on the streets of New York City.

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Umali Manhattan Meet Summer 2012
Umali Manhattan Meet Summer 2012

NYC Nights: Umali’s Halal Meet
NYC Nights: Umali’s Halal Meet

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