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NYC Nights Riders Rolling Deep
Tuesday 19 June, 2012

NYC Nights: Riders rollin’ deep

You saw how real this is in the last video where these riders rolled deep in broad daylight. Once night hits, you already know. Riders once again rollin’ deep taking over the streets of NYC. TIHWL. Shot and edited by Billy Sardone.

Friday 13 January, 2012

From Harlem to the Heights….

VRaceWorks hosted the first Harlem Winter Meet at the Hudson River Cafe to kick off the new year. Yes, it was quite brisk outside, but that didn’t stop the masses from converging at 12th Avenue to chill, hang out and enjoy what would also be the first day-time Harlem meet as well. Although the meet’s…

Friday 09 September, 2011

NYC Nights: Uptown.

As summer winds down, it’s always good to sit back and unwind with good peoples. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the daily grind, and just chill. That’s what went down at the latest VRaceWorks Harlem Meet on 134th and 12th as dozens of cars started to roll in during…

Wednesday 29 June, 2011

NYC Nights: Umali’s Meet

New York City, known as a place where one can expect the unexpected. Most of its inhabitants are usually unfazed at pretty much anything you throw at them. The phrase “It’s New York. Who cares?!” can often be heard from the opinionated locals reacting to the random occurrences that pop up in and around the city. On one particular…

Saturday 18 September, 2010

NIKE SB P-Rod + Crew at Rucker Park

NIKE has been doing big things lately in the NYC, and in particular Rucker Park. This summer, they brought a crew of inspiration to the streets of Harlem in the form of Paul Rodriguez, Yongess Amrani, Shane O’Neill, Daniel LeBron, Ishod Wair, Theotis Beasley and Erik Koston. P-Rod and the rest of the NIKE SB…