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Friday 22 March, 2013

No Brakes, No Fear: Monster Track 14

Stand at any random street corner in Manhattan between 9AM and 5PM, and it’s guaranteed that you will see a messenger maintaining the perfect cadence while reading the ebb and flow of urban traffic. It’s an inherent skill that an urban cyclist picks up after years of death defying cycling. To the common person, we’d…

Tuesday 11 September, 2012

9/11 – Never Forget

A Moment of Silence to those that were lost on September 11, 2001. Photo by Brian Chin during a ClubSi meet, pre-9/11/01. Photo by Reuters.  Most of us can still remember that day so clearly. Regardless of where you were that morning, we all shared a moment that will burn in our memories for the…

Teurcked again...
Friday 06 July, 2012

Ryan Tuerck: Garage Burnout

My good friend Ryan Tuerck MURKING IT in his garage!!!!

Thursday 19 January, 2012

Off The Grid: Josh Kalis

One of my closest friends, pro-skater for DC Shoes/DGK/Gold Wheels, Josh Kalis, just dropped this video from The Berrics. Not too sure if any of y’all are into skateboarding, but I thought I’d share it since the soundtrack song, is from the era of  NYC – when it was hard like concrete. Josh Kalis is…

Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Bloodmasters: Englishtown’s Grassroots Drift Assassins

My good friends, Formula Drift drivers Ryan Tuerck & Tony Angelo, just sent me over this new video of their new crew that originated out of Englishtown Raceway, in Brick Township, NJ, a few months ago. It showcases the driving talent of some of the most revered East Coast members. The video is shot/edited well…

Friday 13 January, 2012

The Cougar Hunter

What the hell is this thing?! Why is it showing up to sports car meets? Why is it so damn dirty? Well ladies and gents, what we have here is what many already know as the TMINUS Urban Assault Vehicle. This beast started showing up a couple of months ago as old man winter came…