Fresh Meet Spring Bash 2014

Monday 12 May, 2014 | By Edo


Spring is finally back in the east coast! This past winter was brutal to say the least. Insane amounts of snow, black ice, the polar vortex, I could go on, but for the sake of our sanity, I’d rather not. I don’t think I’m alone when I say RIP WINTER, welcome back spring! Aside from longer days and happy trees, one thing we always look forward to, is the resurfacing of the car scene. This year, the Fresh Meet Spring bash was one of the events that kicked off the season proper! I don’t even remember how many lots there were (3 or 4?), but they were all packed to capacity at one point. Car life is alive and well in the east coast for 2014. It was the first time we saw some of our favorite builds from last year appear with new goodies. Also a great place to see brand new builds or some that are work in progress. It was a 6am meet up with a couple of SNTRL friends, Nostalgia Imports with their NISMO R32 GTR and our unforgettable friend Willy (Nostalgic Grains) with his Datsun Fairlady. We pulled in to Camden, NJ bright and early and set up for a great day of car life. Here’s our coverage, enjoy!




Sexy FRS, much respect for reppin’ SNTRL!


Parked up next to it was this beauty. Don’t know all of the details just yet but I hear this car is fully built for the track. Hope to see this at IN-MOTION.



There’s Willy, captured by Prav!





Taking a trip back to the JDM glory days. Sexy FC above along with the Soarer below.



Unmistakeable Type-R.


All types of TSX’s! Which one is your fav?


Love this Z33! More shots of this coming up.


Part of me wants to say ‘Murica but then you see the EVO. So confused!…but I love that damn EVO, haha.


Speaking of EVO’s, DAMN! Tach Motor Works brought some serious heat! All about speed AND style here. Perfect for the VERSUS SHOWDOWN coming up!


I must have walked by this car over 10 times. Just had to get another glimpse.


The homie Darren reppin’ SNTRL at the Scion booth. Thank you Sir!


Ku-Connection cars were looking fantastic. The widebody NSX that recently blew up the internet was in attendance. Beauty to say the least.


Also making a return to the scene is “BCUZEVO”. A badass widebody EVO X we fell in love with last year.




Here’s another show of the Z33 we mentioned above. Looks like a movie car straight out of Tokyo drift!



WOW! John Paul shut it down with his amazing S2000. Last year this car was all over the internets. With his new additions and upgrades, this year wont be any different. Definitely one you have to see in person to fully appreciate. That Voltex front end…so good!



Darren’s other pride and joy, SNTRL drift Zenki S14. Probably the only Itasha car in the east coast. Any fan of highschool of the dead? Darren’s new wheel set up is looking so proper. Can’t wait to see this thing get sideways.


Epitome of badass. Rotary powered rat-rod. That is all.





SNTRL’s own DJ BOJAQ stepped up for a quick session.



Sexy slammed Subie from the CAMBERGANG crew.







All smiles at the end of the day. Fresh Meet was good times! Was a pleasure to be a part of it this year. Looking forward to the fun this season of car life is going to bring.

Photos by SNTRL Fam Edo | Pravan Photography | Tim Durnak
Words by Edo

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