NYC Nights: Umali’s Halal Meet

Friday 16 September, 2011 | By Ken


Umali Photography brought the heat to the streets of Manhattan once again with the second meet of the season, and this time around, it just happened to fall on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. With national security threat at Red-Alert, the highest level, Umali’s meet was in jeopardy of being postponed. Checkpoints and police presence was a factor including traffic on bridges and tunnels leading into the city. But with colder weather around the corner, and a host of other events on the agenda for the next few weekeneds, Umali decided to take stick to the plan. And it was a good thing he did. Just another example of the strength and perseverance of our City and our Country.


Rolling through the city on this night was like having an official escort. Police everywhere, checkpoints every few blocks, on the highways and the side streets. But on this night, the police brought a sense of security, and it was actually pretty cool to roll throughout the city with cops giving friendly nods as we rolled by. All love when adversity brings unity.


The particular guy by this Accord apparently didn’t hear about the heightened law enforcement presence and did something to negatively attract attention. Stay safe people.


Even on a tense weekend like this, New Yorker’s showed that life goes on, and so does the line for the Halal Guys.


This security guard heard about the Umali Meet takeover and tried to explain why no one was allowed to park near his building. Javii wasn’t hearing any of it though.


This is what the Umali Meet is all about. Chillin, eating, and appreciation. In this case, this 5.0 was definitely getting some love.



The Meet turned into a cruise as everyone passed through Times Square enroute to South Street Seaport.



Clean, bumperless and sexy OG Corolla breaking necks.



South Street Seaport meet was in effect. Unfortunately, it didn’t last as long as we would have all liked. Road work in progress and of course the local authorities doing their job.


Styles reppin on two wheels all around Manhattan.


Money Mike’s super clean EK rolling through the streets of NYC topless.


MC Slick always staying fresh with his baby while Julian of NYCE1’s always ready.


All in all, it was a good night of good eat’s, cruising and laughs with some random moments that just defines another night out-on-the-town of New York. Yep, another typical night in the city.

Enjoy the full gallery below.

Photo Credit: Chris Mallari and Kenny Bascon

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Umali Manhattan Meet Summer 2012
Umali Manhattan Meet Summer 2012

NYC Nights: Umali’s Meet
NYC Nights: Umali’s Meet

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