Shyam Spoon

Thursday 22 August, 2013 | By Ken

Shyam Spoon

There’s a reason why our buddy Shyam goes by the nickname, “Shyam Spoon”. Shyam happens to be his first name. Spoon on the other-hand is a name that has been synonymous with Shyam for quite some time. A die-hard Honda enthusiast for over 10 years now, his journey has taken him through various “H” badged rides over the years. As a youngin he was always hanging out with his older brother, Anil, and around his brother’s 1995 civic coupe. Inevitably he became hooked like so many others have for the Honda badge. Love Honda or hate Honda, there is no denying the fact that Honda enthusiast roll deep and are as passionate and they come.

Starting with his first car, a Honda Prelude, Shyam then went on to own a 1995 four-door civic for a few years before he purchased his first Integra, a 1996 GSR. He always had a special love for Integra’s and it only grew with his GSR, which was his daily for over 6 years. It wasn’t until 2010 that Shyam came across a 2001 Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R that was for sale on It was listed as stock with a JDM front end. The car was a California car, and Shy being from Queens, New York, knew that he was taking a huge chance by buying a car across the country without actually seeing it in person. A CarFax on the Type R came back with clean results, so Shy bit the bullet and went after his dream ride. As Shy would state, “It was the longest two weeks of my life”, while his Integra Type R was being shipped from Cali to New York.

As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” And sure enough, upon arrival of his new ride, he quickly discovered that the motor and transmission were no good. The shell was also not nearly in 100% condition. But rather than allow the negativity to get to him, Shyam, with the help of his big bro, went right to work on the Type R. Being that they were both mechanics, they had the benefit of knowing exactly what to do. Out the motor and transmission went. Stripped down, they gave the B18c5 a full rebuild, got a brand new transmission from the dealer and a month later, Shyam was able to enjoy his R for the first time.

This would be the beginning of his adventure with his Type R. A big fan of Spoon Sports for many years, Shyam set out his goal to modify his R with only the most proper parts, like those SR4 special edition yellow Recaro front seats from ASM JAPAN, ARC winglet and those time-less bronze TE37s.   And of course utilizing a host of Spoon Sports parts. all around, from the Spoon cluster, Spoon cams, valve cover, radiator cap, engine dampner to go along with the Spoon flywheel and clutch. If that’s not enough Spoon for you, take a look at the Spoon Calipers, Spoon mirrors, Spoon front lip and even the Spoon strut bar, just to name a few more. The list goes on as you can see below. A true Spoon and Integra fanatic, Shyam is passionate but also knows what he wants and expects from his build. In the end, the result is a guy and his ride that serve as an inspiration for others.

As a bonus, this past 2013 Honda Day Englishtown, Spoon Sports was in attendance for the first time, and Shyam had the awesome privilege of not just meeting the Dai Yoshihara and the main main and founder at Spoon, Ichishima Tatsura, but getting an autographed valve cover as well!. The legend of the DC2 Integra Type R continues to shine with enthusiast just like Shyam Spoon.


Photography by SNTRL Fam: Al Norris Photography


SR4 special edition yellow Recaro front seats from ASM JAPAN  |  Type Rx rear seats with yellow stiching  |  Type Rx shift boot  |  Type Rx pedals  |   Takata racing harness  |   Spoon cluster w/ mugen bezel  |   AEM gauges  |   J’s Racing shift knob  |  Skunk 2 short shifter  |  JDM flare  |  factory air bag delete  |  Momo Team black 280mm steering wheel with Spoon horn button and Spoon hub adapter  |  Cusco roll cage  |  Spoon rear view mirror  |   JDM TypeR E- brake with armrest delete |  Integra Type R optional floor mats  |  Integra Type R optional rear trunk mat  |  Pioneer double-din radio.


Motor was completely rebuilt  |  Head is port and polish  |  Spoon cams  |  Spoon cam gears  |  Ferrea valves w/ stock dual valve springs  |  Block was bored out to 81.5 with cp pistons 12:9 compression  |  ARP head studs  |  stock sleeves  |  Golden Eagle block support  |  Brand new dealer crank shaft  |  dealer main bearings  |  Vision Technica air filter  |  Spoon valve cover  |  Spoon gen 1 spark plug cover  |  Spoon oil cap  |  Spoon high tension ignition wires  |  Spoon engine damper  |  Spoon radiator hose  |  Spoon thermostat  |  Spoon radiator cap  |  Spoon ground  |  Spoon reservoir covers  |  Hasport motor mount  |  Password JDM cooling plate  |  Mishimoto slim fan with shroud  |  DC Sports headers  |  Spoon N1 muffler with silencer


Brand new Type R transmission  |  Spoon flywheel  |  Spoon clutch.


JDM front end  |  Password JDM dual air duct  |  Custom carbon fiber grill  |  Spoon front lip  |  Type R optional side skirts  |   Type R rear valances  |  Type R wing with carbon fiber gurney flap  |  ARC winglets  |  EDM tail lamps  |  Spoon mirrors  |  rear wiper delete  |  Spoon s2k antenna.


D2 Damper kit  |  Skunk 2 camber kit  | Function 7 lower control arms  |  Spoon strut bar  |  Beaks lower tie bar  |  Function 7 lower control arm  |  EBC brake pads and rotors  |  Spoon calipers


Volk Racing TE37’s – 16x 7.5. +30

As a bonus, here are some shots from Shyam’s cell phone at Honda Day just recently.

The man himself, CEO and founder of Spoon Sports, Ichishima Tatsura, autographing Shyam’s Type R at 2013 Honda Day Englishtown.


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