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Friday 25 April, 2014


Within New York City, you are destined to find someone who is into the same things you are into whether it be brewing beer, modifying scooters, or collecting hard to find pieces of whatever. In this case, the whatever are expensive 90’s North Face gear. The hypebeasts of today have nothing on the guys and…

Monday 02 December, 2013

Laissez-faire: Sneakercon 2013

Scanning the hardwood floor at Basketball City where NYC Sneakercon 2013 was held, I could see some of the most iconic sneakers to have ever touched pavement. With an array of vintage kicks, Sneakercon met my expectations of a free trade environment where transactions and bartering in every shape and form took place. Amidst duck-walking…

Wednesday 23 October, 2013

Level One S2000

If you are a life-long Honda fan, the S2000 is an obvious upgrade at some point in your life; probably right before aspiring to own an NSX. This S2000 is a prime example of what a track-ready weapon should look like. What makes the S2000 so popular is its form as well as its function….

Wednesday 07 August, 2013

Tach Motor Works – Dyno Day 2013

For those addicted to power a dynamomater is what settles disputes, gratifies power satiation and provides a new future goal. A few weeks ago I was invited to photograph Dyno Day at Tach Motor Works (TMW) and it was a great turnout with cars ranging from Mitsubishi Evolutions and Subaru Sti’s to worked BMWs and…

Wednesday 19 June, 2013

A BRZ with a Twist

When the FRS/BRZ/FT86 first came out, I really didn’t know how I felt about the underpowered engine and the aggressive exterior. It has since grown on me, like most of you. This is due in part to the aftermarket support of the likes of Tra Kyoto Rocket Bunny, Evasive Motorsports and a slew of other…

Sunday 28 April, 2013


Resiliency is something we all have in common but how we define that term changes from situation from situation. For some, its bouncing back from an illness while for others its being able to adapt to a pothole or speed bump on the road. A few Sundays ago, that definition came full circle when some…