A BRZ with a Twist

Wednesday 19 June, 2013 | By Pravan

When the FRS/BRZ/FT86 first came out, I really didn’t know how I felt about the underpowered engine and the aggressive exterior. It has since grown on me, like most of you. This is due in part to the aftermarket support of the likes of Tra Kyoto Rocket Bunny, Evasive Motorsports and a slew of other motorsport companies who have embraced the latest rendition of the classic AE86.

We previously introduced to you one of the first East Coast Rocket Bunny TRA KYOTO body kit put together by our friend Darren Balico but the BRZ in this feature is far from traditional. With styling cues from a flavorful mix of eurojdm style, Vic Morales’ BRZ has been controversial since it was first introduced to the public.

During a recent caravan to Philly during the #SHRINKALLTHECARS meet, we got our first chance to see something rather unique on a BRZ and that was a set of Porsche twists II. Although the twists are notoriously known to have high offsets, to even attempt to get the fitment corrent for the BRZ meant getting some meaty adapters. And that was precisely what Vic had to do to make them fit. Although many have used at 30mm adapter as the standard, Vic used a 50mm adapter to have an effective offset of +15.

With the aid of stiff suspension in the form of BC coilovers with 10kg/mm springs, GT Spec rear lower control arms and Megan Toe Links, Vic was able to dial in the camber to -5 in the front and -9.5 in the rear for some stateside oni/demon camber.

The exterior is adorned with a Bayson R diffuser along with a spoiler delete while the interior includes a quick release woodgrain Nardi. Shot at the Astoria Park Strip, my own backyard, it got more looks than any car I’ve ever been inside of but what was most humorous was the “whats wrong with your rear wheels?” or the classic “is it broken?”. To the common layman or even a traditional car guy this might be the case but Vic has taken great lengths to be able to make the twists work. In my opinions its a great combination and deserve a “Why didn’t I think of that”?



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