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Sunday 19 September, 2010

All Out Call Out at the WAR ROOM

Street Dance Battle crews and individuals took their chip-on-their-shoulder to the War Room in Brooklyn to take care of business. Shout out to Funktion Productions,,! Shout out to DJ DP One for keeping the flow going all night. I loved the atmosphere there. Straight cyphers all night. One of the highlights was a…

Friday 10 September, 2010

UnionSq Cypher

This was a NY KINGS/FUNKTION Joint, another NYC at it’s best moment and DJ’s setup shop, holding open floor cypher sessions to celebrate the love of music and dance. Classic funk, breaks, soul, hip hop and house blasted at the south end of Union Square by 14th street. Shout out to all the DJ’s(PFUNK, JAZE…