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Thursday 21 May, 2015 | By Clive

I’m back!


It’s been a while since I have posted, but have no fear, Mr. Clive is here. Since the last post I have lived in Oklahoma City and am now in between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. For those keeping track I started in Chicago, then moved to OKC, and now reside in South Florida. Moving for me is nothing new, this last one is move #12 in my thirty four years on this earth, and I have been a gear head for 34 of those years. Anyone would think car life must be awesome in South Florida compared to OKC, which I have to say that I was pretty excited about that part of my move. Being that the scene was small for tuners in OKC, it was primarily a muscle car market. Now there is nothing wrong with that and it gave me a chance to see classics in shape that you could only dream of in Chicago area. An advantage to it being a small scene in OKC was that things were very easy to acclimate to. The people were friendly which reminded me of my earlier days in Hudson Valley, New York and Tucson, Arizona. So remember, I have moved 12 times. If you name an area I have probably lived there.


Now on to Florida Present day: Due to all the connections I’ve been able to make, I was able to reach out to Ravi of V2Lab’S/Fakesafari fame. After a late night messaging session he pointed me in the direction of Atlantic Street Movement (ASM). At this point I found their Facebook group, and begin to check things out. Seemed like a scene all too familiar, people asking questions, poking fun and enjoying themselves with endless meme. What made this familiar was that it reminded me of an early JDM Chicago forum just starting to bring exposure and create a community in which people can network. I remember the growing pains that Ginash and Co. went through in setting up meets. Those times might have been simpler since the public wasn’t too hard on tuners in comparison of today.

Having found a group, I now went into observation mode, straight 007 style. Or shall I say in the words of Wu Tang “Creeping in the shadows!”. I had a chance to go check out the Nurotag All-Stars show to assess what was out here and also to see what “So Flo” had cooking. Around here there are some very nicely built cars, some purpose built, and those still working things out. I was getting more excited, and proceeded to spot some future feature victim’s. At this point I had been itching to get some shutter clicks off and do some editing. After seeking out a couple of people and reaching out to them, nothing panned out. My first thought was “Damn, people are that stuck up here? It’s going to be tough”.


Time to regroup, and rethink my approach. After talking with Ravi and Khris (who runs ASM) it seemed a lot of people refuse to bring out there pride n’ joy unless trophies can be won or cars judged. This was totally different to me being that I am a member of a large team in a different city that can’t wait for a day of 50 degree weather to bring the cars out, drop the tops, and hit the tracks. 


After all this I had a chance to attend an ASM meet. Now remember at this point I have never met anyone in south Florida face to face. Upon arriving at this event, once Khris and his lady Elizabeth had the pleasure of meeting your boy it was hug’s and dap like I have known them all along. A warm welcome and a hope for a brighter future. This BBQ meet was great, people playing beer pong, cars coming and going, some super fresh, some needing a little help, but it’s all good. Most of the pictures attached to this article are from said BBQ. 


It seems SNTRL down south has some large potential, and I look forward to bringing the people, cars, and lifestyle to you. It’s a totally different world here. I see Ferrari’s, McLaren’s, and Lambo’s just about every day.

In the weeks to come I will be travelling to Orlando for Formula D coverage and whatever else I can get my camera into.






In the gallery are shots from NUROtag All-Stars Miami, Enjoy:

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