Saturday 06 November, 2010

Ironlak Team Australia + COPE2

One thing I love about the BX, you can always find the sickest Graffiti done by artists from all over the world. This past summer, the Ironlak crew hit up the boogie down and linked up with the true Bronx legend, Cope2. Just by saying that, you already know some official shit is about to…

Friday 22 October, 2010

Bam + Vogue + an IS350

Surfacing a couple days ago, this video really caught my eye. Car and art culture is a big part of SNTRL and when those things are put together, its magic. Graffiti artists Bam and Vogue were asked to completely transform the surface of Johnson Jeng’s Lexus IS350. There has been a lot of cars re-done…

Thursday 21 October, 2010

Hunts Point

On September 18, 2010, several Bronx street artists unveiled their work on Whitlock Avenue in the Bronx. In true BX tradition, they did it with a block party complete with good food, good vibes and good people.  Now home to a true, open air museum, this Hunts Point neighborhood celebrates The Bronx, and the love…

Friday 15 October, 2010

What Up Jay Graffiti Jam

I’ve been a huge fan of 123KLAN for years. I first found them while looking up the latest work by Cope2 a few years ago. They’ve been my fav artists ever since. They recently posted up this vid on the BANDIT-I$M blog. A new What up Jay? installment featuring the Bronx artists COPE2, INDIE, and WANE. Along…