Thursday 21 October, 2010 | By Ken

Hunts Point

On September 18, 2010, several Bronx street artists unveiled their work on Whitlock Avenue in the Bronx. In true BX tradition, they did it with a block party complete with good food, good vibes and good people.  Now home to a true, open air museum, this Hunts Point neighborhood celebrates The Bronx, and the love that people have for the borough. Props to the DYM, GFR, Tats Cru, the Bronx Community Solutions and Bronx Vibe for coming together to make this possible.

Looking back at the days of Graff’d up subway cars and building walls during a time when the general public did not fully understand or appreciate this form of art, and fast-forward to present day, it was a beautiful thing to see Bronx legends, government representatives (with  Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr in attendance),  NYPD community relations and people from all over and all ages come together to celebrate art in such a pure form honoring a place that is special to many.

Shout Out to Anthony Ramirez and Bronx Vibe!

Nelson Seda brought his bboy skills to this Hip Hop loves the Bronx party and gave the kids some real inspiration!!

Inspired, the next Gen showed some talent as well!!

PROJECT A.C.T. 2010 (Artist Coming Together) In FULL EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These bare walls will soon be full of life, full of pride, accomplishment and beauty as the work on this open-air museum dedicated to art and The Bronx continues. We will be posting up recent pics and progress!

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