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H20i Recap – The Arrival

H20 International 2010 was held at the the usual spot in Ocean City, Maryland and this year, it fell on the weekend of September 25th and 26th. A Vdub head dating back to my 2000 1.8t GTI and lusts for mk1 and mk2’s, it was kind of weird that I never actually attended an H20i until now. I had gone to Waterfest and attended a bunch of Dub meets over the years, but coming down to Ocean City in September was one thing I had failed to do, mainly due to work and family schedules. I had heard plenty of stories from friends and seen enough pics to get me excited, that when the planning for H20i came around earlier this year, I finally decided to make sure I would make it out.

The week leading up to H20i was a hectic one. Being that my 2006 EVO 9 had been parked for nearly two years (its a long story…lol), I spent pretty much every day from Monday til the Friday that I was supposed to roll out with my crew, working on my EVO. Not surprisingly, putting her back together and getting her tuned came down to the wire. I was supposed to roll out Friday morning, but instead, thanks to getting the wrong parts in the mail, and other little annoyances, I didn’t actually get my car on the dyno and get her tuned till Friday morning. lol Big Shout out to my boy Junior at TurboTrix for working his magic. I finally was on the road to Ocean City at 3 am, Friday night/Saturday morning. I figured a 4 hour drive with no traffic would get me there just in time for breakfast. Running on Dunkin all week caught up to me though, and I had to knock-out in a rest area off the NJ turnpike for a few hours. I woke up around 8am, and went on my way.

I arrived at “the Strip” at around 10am, and I knew I was at the right place almost immediately. Parking lots along the strip were full of bagged Dubs and Audis. On that early Saturday morning, some sweet tricked out rides were cruising the streets. WELCOME TO H20i.

After gassing up and getting some Dunkin, I head over to the hotel, and I’m greeted with more Euro beautys in the parking lot in front and around my hotel.



After waking up the crew, we headed out to the Strip to cruise and wash up our cars.

This was the line for the Do-It-Yourself-Carwash.


THING Spotted!

Just one of the mint classics – BMW 2002!

My boy Eric’s immaculate mk1 Rabbit!

Dubs and Audis weren’t the only ones rolling hard. This 350z was turning heads left and right. Talk about STANCE!

EVO X representing!

Turbo bubble and Supras lurking on the strip!

Sweet FD and EVO 9!

But of course…this weekend is all about the Vdubs and Audis! In my rearview was the Orange “Pez” Getta!



Day 1 started off with a bang, and continued into the night. Air Affair 3 party on the streets!
Check below for the gallery of Saturday’s day time pics. Part 2 will have coverage from Air Affair 2010 and just hanging out Saturday night!

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