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Saturday 20 July, 2013

Built Right

Our second installment of the Tuner-Evolution Feature showcases a build that doesn’t fit the mold of your typical, present-day build. Daniel Sarmiento, is no stranger to the import scene, living the life dating back to 2003, when he was exposed to some of the most proper JDM built rides in New York. This particular EVO…

Friday 09 November, 2012


SLUMPED. This FG is one of those particular cars that makes you look twice. The first glance is usually one of surprise. The second glance is for that confirmation that you just saw what you thought you saw. Neck breaking at its best. For many car enthusiast of this generation, the Honda brand has become…

NYC Nights Riders Rolling Deep
Tuesday 19 June, 2012

NYC Nights: Riders rollin’ deep

You saw how real this is in the last video where these riders rolled deep in broad daylight. Once night hits, you already know. Riders once again rollin’ deep taking over the streets of NYC. TIHWL. Shot and edited by Billy Sardone.

2000 HP WAR
Tuesday 21 February, 2012

2000 HP WAR

Welcome to Queens, New York. Known for many things such as it’s airports, Citifield(and the former Shea Stadium), the World’s Fair, home of Peter Parker aka Spiderman, its diverse neighborhoods, the King of Queens, its rich Hip-Hop history as well as Prince Joffer in Coming to America, one thing that generally doesn’t come to mind…

Thursday 20 October, 2011

Queen’s Finest

Roll through Queens, NY and you will find a melting pot of cultures and some of the most frustrating street name designations on the east coast. You will also find 6 bridges, beautiful artistic remnants of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fair, the home of the New York Mets, and some of the best choices…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

Bakerz FMP Meet

Bakerz FMP Meet September 5, 2010. This was an “end-of-the-season” close out meet for 2010, and it definitely went out with a bang. We got there quite late in the day after I suffered a pretty bad hangover from the night before, celebrating a close friend’s birthday. I was supposed to break-night and head straight…