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Saturday 20 July, 2013 | By Ken

Our second installment of the Tuner-Evolution Feature showcases a build that doesn’t fit the mold of your typical, present-day build. Daniel Sarmiento, is no stranger to the import scene, living the life dating back to 2003, when he was exposed to some of the most proper JDM built rides in New York. This particular EVO represents a time before the stance  hellaflushed movement, back during a time when Import Car shows were more common, and parking lot gatherings weren’t referred to as meets.

The “Meet” phenomenon, has taken hold all-around the world placing an official “label” on car heads hanging out together at parking lots and public locations. Most Meets come together for the simple purpose of friends, and enthusiast alike hanging out, in a laid-back environment, where the competition includes people showing off their rides to others that attend the Meet. It may be a last-minute meet, or it could be a recurring meet that occurs on certain days. Either way, it has helped to revive the passion among car enthusiast, both young and old, and has helped to expose more and more people to the car life we all love.

Car shows, such as Tuner-Evolution bring a different perspective to showcasing car life by bringing together, the most proper examples of vehicles that you won’t see everyday. Combined with a highly competitive environment in which judging for trophies and awards are the goal for the competitors, a show like Tuner Evolution brings the big stage to the import car life for spectators, fans, and enthusiast. After several months of proper planning and preparation, we are less than two weeks away from Tuner Evolution bringing a truly epic experience to Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

Daniel, has taken an unconventional route, building his EVO in the direction that exploits the strengths of the Evolution platform, making his ride a daily-driven standout. While some may decide to leave their EVO stock, and most others go with the usual basic bolt-ons, suspension and wheels, Daniel had bigger plans. From top to bottom, inside and out, he didn’t take any shortcuts, touching every aspect of the car. Starting with the exterior, it’s hard not to take notice of the Voltex wing and hood, the GP Sports Chokets front bumper and those classic Advan RGII’s. JDM parts accent the exterior of the EVO, but it doesn’t stop there. Take a peek inside the interior, and the attention to detail with proper parts is evident throughout, with ARC, Bride, Takata and Defi just to name a few.

But having an EVO look good just sounds so incomplete. Sure enough, that BorgWarner S259 turbo and supporting mods to go along with Tanabe Sustec Pro Seven coilovers allows Daniel to drive his EVO the way it was meant to be driven. Function and Form is what it’s all about. There is a difference between truly building a car, and just throwing on some suspension, and slamming your ride on some wheels. For Daniel, the careful planning, attention to detail and focus on the right parts for his build have resulted in a work of art and an inspiration for others. Be sure to check out Daniel’s EVO at Tuner-Evolution.


ARP head studs | BorgWarner S259 turbo | Flex-a-lite slim radiator fan | Full Race T3 manifold, turbo elbow, and downpipe | Gates timing belt |  Greddy Ti-C exhaust | HKS 272 cams |  EVC 5 boost controller | Kinetic battery | NGK spark plugs |  PTE 1000cc injectors | PWR Slim radiator | Ralliart Radiator cooling panel |  STM short route intercooler piping |  Tial 50mm blow off valve | Tial 44mm MV-R wastegate |  Turbo XS intercooler |  Walbro 255 fuel pump | Zaklee clear cam cover


Tanabe Sustec Pro Seven coilover with TEAS


Advan RG 2 (18×9+29) | Project Kics Revo r40 lug nuts | Yokohama S.drives (255/35-18)


Custom painted Brembo calipers


GP Sports Chokets front bumper | Ings +1 Hybrid side skirts | JDM EVO IX rear bumper | JDM EVO VIII MR headlights and taillights | Voltex rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and hood


ARC shift knob | Bride Zeta Type L seats rails, headliner, floormats, rear seats, and decklid | Cusco rollcage | Defi BF amber boost gauge, water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and oil temp gauge | Takata harness | Works Bell steering hub and quick release | Nardi 350mm Deep Corn steering wheel


Hertz HSK 163.4 three-way component speakers and HCX 165.4 coaxial speakers | JL Audio 6w3v3 x 6 subwoofer, Slash 300/4 x 2, and Slash 500/1 | Pioneer Z110bt head unit


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