Sunday 24 June, 2012 | By TMINUS


The Isle of Man TT  – Easily the most BONKERS/BALLS OF TITANIUM race on the face of the planet. Race course is a ring of the small island, in the middle of the Northern Irish Sea. I, myself, have been following the race religiously for the past several years. It never gets old with the exhilarating amount of ‘ten tenths’, 200+ mph, risk taking balls to the wall riding, and danger involved. What really amazes me, is the riders/athletes ability to process so much visual information continuously, in mere milliseconds. These racers are ALL OUT throughout the entire 37 mile course. There’s no room for error, considering there aren’t any guardrails, sand pits, tire walls, or banked turns. Many of the buildings/houses/structures on either side of the street/course were erected back in the 16th century and were constructed out of stone. The course is unforgiving and a mistake makes a fatality highly likely. The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) race is for the most insane professional riders the World has to offer, with the fastest lap coming it at 17:13.88, with speed averaging out at 131.378 mph!

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