Saturday 10 September, 2011 | By TMINUS

Time-lapse: 9.11 10th Anniversary

This is my good friend Josh Owens’, latest timelapse for CBS News’ 10th Anniversary 9.11.01 piece. His work as a photographer/videographer producing unparalleled timelapse montages, is highly accredited and this piece is no exception. The music he chose, really sets the tone for how this piece should be viewed. With respect and reverence. 9.11.01 had an adverse effect on all of us for many, many, different reasons. Let the 2,977 innocent souls lost on this fateful day, never be forgotten and keep awareness of this tragedy, current.

RIP to the 343 NYC Firefighters that gave their lives selflessly, to save others.

This piece will be aired this Sunday evening, the 11th of September at 8pm on CBS.

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