Wednesday 27 July, 2011 | By Edo

Beyond The Game

With EVO coming up this weekend, all fighting game fans are gearing up for another epic tournament. It’s going to be an amazing set of battles with Marvel VS Capcom 3 now in the mix. Most of us true fighting game fans have arcade sticks hooked up to our home consoles. We need that true ‘Arcade feel’ when we’re throwing down online. It was a sad day to see the Arcade era come to an end in NYC. Some gamers these days have never even been to an arcade in their entire life. Myself, I grew up cutting class to spend most of my money on Street Fighter tournaments in the late 90’s. Back when the girls used to call us nerds and geeks for opting to play Street Fighter instead of football. The subculture of gaming life is something I was so glad to be a part of. Which is why I had to share this trailer for the upcoming documentary ‘Beyond The Game’. An in depth look at everything from the EVO tournament, to making Chip Music. Sure it may be little geeky and a little nerdy, but this is what its all about. The love you have for the subculture that you’re a part of, hmm, that pretty much sums up what SNTRL is all about too.

If you’re interested in checking out the film, head over to Animatronic Ackbar Facebook page for updates on its release.

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