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SNTRL Goes to Moab, Utah.



TMINUS NYC came to visit me earlier this month, and we embarked on 2 epic road trips to shoot pictures of two of the most scenic terra firma parts of Utah.

Curvy canyon roads and our Dodge Hemi Charger RT. That alone are the ingredients for a great day. But when combined with the red mountains of National Arches Park in Moab, beautiful weather, and TMINUS NYC you get a fantastic adventure. A change from the fast pace life we all lead, is sometimes extremely crucial to keeping ourselves balanced. A chance to venture out into a distant environment filled with untouched and unharmed natural life is one not all of us come by.  This trip made me realize what makes life so pure and brings light to what most of us seem to forget.

Stopped on the road there to snap this quick pic of the mountainous landscape.

Driving through a mountain, literally.

Gnarly carnage on the side of the road, of a flipped 18 wheeler tanker truck hauling crude oil.. Sadly, the driver did not make it. RIP.

Moab is one of the most aesthetically pleasing locales on Earth.

My co-pilot Shiva was not only an excellent navigator, but also amazing company.

Incredible views made hopping out of the car for pictures almost non-stop.

A lot of the rock formations there made you question gravity.

It’s not hard to get lost in such a vast scenery.

TMINUS NYC & I solo pics…

Arch formation in Moab.

Americana at it’s finest. Old timer Harley rider on a Road King Classic.

Open wide roads lead us back to civilization.

The road back to home base was just as visually breathtaking. Utah: trying to keep it eco-friendly.

Sometimes, getting away is the only medicine we need.


Words & Pictures by: A collaborative effort btwn Shiva Abadi & TMINUS NYC

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