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Friday 30 March, 2012 | By Ken

Darren Balico and his 2010 Scion Xb are famous. In the literal sense, this car is daily driven and has been spotted at so many shows and car meets in the Tri-State area and abroad that when you see it, you have to smile because its truly amazing how clean Darren manages to keep his Xb so clean. Representing New Jersey, Darren doesn’t just talk it, he lives it as well. And when he says he is going to do something with his Xb, you better believe it’s getting done.

We have been talking to our boy Darren since 2011 about doing a Feature, but with the winter months, school/work schedules, and just life in general, we never got a really good opportunity to get down to just taking beautiful shots. Thanks to his friend Raul Yap Singson, an amazing photographer, we are now blessed with having one of our favorite true-street-driven rides gracing our online pages. Right now, Darren is in “winter-mode” and if you are familiar with the Northeast weather and climate conditions, it can get ugly. Thankfully, we have had a pretty mild winter.

For the winter mode, the Xb is sporting 17×9  xxr 526 
205/40/17 Blizzak WS60. Being a hardcore snowboarder, Darren frequents the slopes and mountains, and his Xb is always his choice of transportation.

Simplicity at its finest. The exterior screams sexy and simple. Just the way it should be.

Ez-lip Front lip || Forjworks tail-light covers ||5k Morimoto Elite HID kit ||
Hella supertone horns: painted white

Up until this past winter, Darren was all about static. And while we love and appreciate hardcore static setups, we love daily driven beauties just as much. When you truly understand that Darren drives his Xb everywhere, you will understand that the bag setup fits this Xb perfectly. From blizzard covered roads, to New York City’s pothole infested roads, all the way to Chicago’s Wekfest. This Xb puts on the miles and keeps it going.

Custom Randode air stunner extreme suspension || 
KYB shorter rear struts 
dual || 3 gallon Accuair aluminum tanks || Dual 400c viair compressors|| 
Accuair E-Level air management

The interior speaks for itself. Pimptastic to match the pimp level of its exterior. Darren rides in style

Purple plaid headliner || Purple plaid interior panels || Purple bubble shifter || Sticker bombed center trim piece

To go along with the simple, clean and sexy theme. The engine mods follow the same course.

Takeda cold air intake
 || Weapon R 4-2-1 headers ||Weapon R 2.5” s-pipe

If you are anywhere in the Tri-State are, or at any of the major car shows/events, keep an eye out for Darren and his Xb. Not just a hardcore car enthusiast, but one of the classiest dudes we know. We will be featuring his Xb once again once he gets his summer setup going, including his DPE R10 2-piece forged wheels (discontinued) F: 19×9
 R: 19×10. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Raul Yap Singson

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