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This weekend: The New Amsterdam Bike Show

The 2012 New Amsterdam Bicycle Show

Like Bikes? You’re in luck. This weekend is the 2012 New Amsterdam Bicycle Show! Need more info? Here’s an excerpt about the show’s description:

March 27, 2012 — New York, NY: It’s all about the bike in New York City on the weekend of April 28 and 29 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Manhattan Media’s bike-tastic event, The 2012 New Amsterdam Bicycle Show: Benefiting Transportation Alternatives. In its second year, this event returns, bigger, better and “bikier” to Soho’s chic and bike-friendly venue, Skylight SoHo, in Manhattan. Just as New York City embraces bicycling, improving the urban landscape with hundreds of miles of bike lanes across the boroughs, this new consumer-focused bicycle show will again feature the many nuances of bicycling—from bikes for commuting to racing, transporting and pleasure rides.”

Read more about the show on the website!

SNTRL’s own Dale Acevedo will be in attendance! Stay tuned for the coverage shortly after the event!
Don’t miss it!

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