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Utah: Through The Seasons

The Utah car scene stands strong in number and motivation, enduring cold snow in the Winter, and hot Sun during the Summer. Snow storm, rain, or sunshine, enthusiasts from all over the state still manage to come out and celebrate the common passion we all share: cars. In mid january I attended a meet up in Salt Lake City, UT during a very bad snow storm. I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to be at the meet due to the slick and icy road conditions and -9ºF weather but, I wanted to see how Utah’s car scene is during the winter. On the road up to SLC, mostly everyone on the freeway was going 45-55 mph. The back end sliding out brought a smile to my face. Any time I get to put in execution all the preparation for emergency we go through in our minds, I’m a happy camper. Upon arrival to the coffee shop, my FWD showed it’s flaws, and I got stuck in the snow. Quickly, and luckily for me, the surrounding enthusiasts saw my predicament and came to the rescue. All wheel drive was becoming useful for others and traction control was kicking in. It wasn’t your ordinary car meet, every car was covered in salt, snow, and mud. It was great having my SNTRL t-shirt be recognized by the organizer of the event, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing the future plans for his WasatchEuro events. Overall, it was an amazing turnout with 65+ cars, worth getting frostbite and not being able to feel my feet and fingers while I was taking these pictures.


In the fall, I drove up to the American Fork canyon on this route called the Alpine Loop scenic backway. It’s about 27 miles long and it enters the Uinta National Forest and passes the Timpanogos Cave National Monument which is a famous group of caves buried in the side of the canyon. The route continues up the canyon and passes the east side of Mount Timpanogos and the Sundance Ski Resort and then it links up with Provo canyon. Whenever I’m feeling under the weather or stressed out, I love to drive up here and take some beautiful shots of my car and the scenery. I’m blessed on having the advantage to be studying out of state, in Utah and being able to see these beautiful sites.


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A long time car and motorcycle enthusiast from San Diego, CA, Shiva A has been in the car scene for many years, cultivating a love for the culture and capturing moments with her camera.

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