Tuesday 16 August, 2011 | By Ken


After watching teasers on Monster World Rally for GYMKHANA Four, the day has finally arrived! GYMKHAHA Four brings the usual antics, comedy, and slideways-driving-action that you expect from the GYMKHANA series and then takes it up a couple of notches. This time around, the series, courtesy of DC Shoes and Ken Block, take us to Universal Studios and presents it to us as one huge Hollywood Megamercial complete with crazy stunts, laughing moments (like when the Epic Meal Guys are getting rubber thrown onto their food) , exhaust-spitting, tire-burning, nearly-out-of-control action that leaves us laughing and on the edge of our seat.

Director Ben Conrad (30 Seconds or Less, Zombieland) did a superb job bringing Hollywood caliber production to the GYMKHANA series giving us over 9 minutes of happiness. So grab a drink, kick-back and get ready for a good time. Just beware if you are at work. You might get overly excited and make a scene at your desk. Enjoy!

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