Friday 29 March, 2013 | By Edo

Chillin’ at TARMAC

It’s the day of 2 of the biggest Spring kick-off meets in NY, the Bakerz meet and March Madness, and what did I do? Miss them both! The SNTRL Fam was out in full force at both events, but since I had prior engagements that morning, I was going to be late…

I met up with Rich and his epic Midnight Purple EVO X in the early afternoon to hit the road and join the festivities. We were stuck in traffic about 10 minutes away from March Madness only to hear that it had been shut down! Not a good look! Hmm, what to do, what to do? Snap! Call the one guy I know will be in the thick of it all, TMINUS. After hitting up T, his response was short and sweet, an address followed by the words “go there.”

Much to my surprise, when we rolled up, I noticed we were pulling up to Tarmac! The place where your s-chassis goes in a timid pup and comes out a raging beast! Being an owner of an S14 myself, I felt right at home being around these clean machines. Of course, I had no camera on me so it was time to bust out the trusty iPhone cam. You may have noticed some of these shots already posted on the SNTRL instagram that day.  Here’s the rest of the set for your viewing pleasure:

Small preview of THE Tarmac car. Owned by Damian Kho, this is one of, if not, the most immaculate example of an S14 in NY. Only, there’s something different about this one if you don’t already know… Full feature on this bad ass Nissan coming up in the near future!

Another one of my favorites, Jack from JDM Engine World’s amazing Midnight Purple S14. Meticulously built by Tarmac, this is one of those cars that is straight out of a JDM fanboys dream, only it’s real. Imagine seeing this thing drive by while you’re out and about. Jaw dropper for sure!

Nice RHD Silvia here. Actually didn’t notice it was RHD until the owner drove by.

How ’bout this? That doesn’t look like an SR, 2JZ or an LS. That can only mean it’s an…

RB! I really liked this car. Clean and cool, perfect for daily use and some spirited fun. It was sitting on great set of works as well.

It wasn’t all Silvia’s though. Spotted this great looking FRS rocking my personal favorite wheels, Advan TCII’s!

The local hero Daniel was also hangin’ with us and brought his ever so popular EVO VII out. Be sure to check out his feature in Import Tuner that dropped a few months ago.

So yea, even though I missed out on the 2 main events, I had a blast. It’s always good to link up with the right people in the car scene and just have some good times with cool cars. This year I’m really hoping to get my own car on the road again and get back into the car life a bit more. Proud to say Tarmac is going to be an integral part of that process (Excited!). More on that as it develops but for now, stay tuned for more shots that will be posted from the official SNTRL Fam photographers on everything that happened on that fine Sunday.

Oh yea, then this happened…


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