Wednesday 27 July, 2011 | By Ken

‘Cause Cheap Wheels Don’t Count!


Our friends over at D2Forged are known for bringing the sickest rim designs on the sweetest rides. When they roll through, you know they are bringing mass appeal. Exquisite quality over quantity. With D2Forged, the saying, “ballin on a budget” does NOT apply. Their latest photoshoot was with this beautiful Twin Turbo Porsche 911 and model Chelsea Denison and Dru, presenting the D2Forged T-Shirts: ‘Cause Cheap Wheels Don’t Count.




Photo Credit: Arthur Leytman

For the full set from the D2Forged photoshoot and to purchase the T-Shirt, check out D2Forged’s ‘Cause Cheap Wheels Don’t Count! . Also be sure to check out the D2Life blog

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