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I’ve been a big fan of SUPAKITCH & KORALIE for a while. I first discovered their artwork about 4 years ago while checking out computer arts magazine. After checking out that mag, I must’ve spent hours checking their art on different design/street art sites and books. Whenever I wanted to find some sort of inspiration or motivation, I would check out their work. What amazed me about their art is how its inspired by various aspects of Japan. Being the Japanophile that I am, I instantly became a fan. When I first saw Supakitch’s work, it reminded me so much of Totoro. Later I learned that he’s big into Miyazaki, that explained a lot! His characters usually have a very Studio Ghibli feel to them. Koralie on the other hand, is completely different, yet very much related. Her work almost always includes a Maiko/Geisha character with massive braid hairstyles that wrap around her beautiful Kimono. Aside from the character, she sometimes adds many details like cultural patterns and decorated Matryoshkas. I always found it amazing how she uses inspiration from different cultures and mashes them up into an oriental style, all about the details!

Before my first trip to Japan, I tried to create my own piece inspired by their style. I never finished it, maybe one day I will. I’m inspired all over again after watching this:

I just read that they are living in NYC now, gotta love this town. For more on SUPAKITCH & KORALIE, check out and support their latest project METROPLASTIQUE!

Video cred to Elroy
Music cred to DLid

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