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Friday 29 March, 2013

Chillin’ at TARMAC

It’s the day of 2 of the biggest Spring kick-off meets in NY, the Bakerz meet and March Madness, and what did I do? Miss them both! The SNTRL Fam was out in full force at both events, but since I had prior engagements that morning, I was going to be late… I met up…

Thursday 15 November, 2012

Supa STi

STi’s have always had a certain appeal throughout the years. Going back to their World Rally Championships (WRC) rally roots, winning races and stealing the hearts of car lovers throughout the world, people have fantasized about being behind the wheel of AWD  boxster-motor awesomeness. Although times have changed, with the withdrawal of Subaru from the WRC,  the…

Friday 02 March, 2012

The Juice Box

Staring at Warren Lau’s 335d sitting pretty in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline doesn’t necessarily conjure up mental images of a Ssips Juice Box. But, there is more to the name than meets the eye. Being one of the more rare factory twin-turbo 3-series on the road today, the “d” in 335d…