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Thursday 15 November, 2012 | By Ken

STi’s have always had a certain appeal throughout the years. Going back to their World Rally Championships (WRC) rally roots, winning races and stealing the hearts of car lovers throughout the world, people have fantasized about being behind the wheel of AWD  boxster-motor awesomeness. Although times have changed, with the withdrawal of Subaru from the WRC,  the WRX STi has grown into a vehicle that has much of the same rally attributes, but with more of a mature approach to daily street duties. While some purist may not be too fond of the direction Subaru has taken, there is no denying that the modern day WRX STi continues to stir the soul, making most modern-day car enthusiast get all hot and heavy. Now with both a hatch and sedan option, STi’s have become common interweb car-porn, especially when modded, for a new generation of enthusiast.

Denis Supa’s STi has made its viral rounds over the interwebs. Thanks to being featured on StanceNation previously, plus many shared photos that have been well circulated on social media, forums and blogs, it wouldn’t be surprising if you may have seen this STi before. Sitting just right, in all its glory, Supa’s STi has come to be known for its sexy black lines, static drop, and a stance/fitment that is as perfect as it gets. Those Magnesium Blue Volk Racing TE37 SL’s certainly doesn’t hurt eeither. For the static setup, Denis went with BC BR coil-overs along with enlisting the services of Eibach, Whiteline and Cusco to round out the suspension setup. Meanwhile, the exterior features subtle touches. Did you ever heard the line, “It’s the little things that count”? This Supa STi is all about the details. Blacktop aero carbon fiber lip and side skirt, R205 JDM side badges, Grimspeed license plate relocation and Blackout Headlight by Lightmodz, amongst other mods.

Denis caught up with SNTRL’s Al Norris to get one final Feature photo shoot in before the end of the season. The combination of the fall foliage and his STi made for a beautiful seasonal shoot.  One to never be satisfied nor content, Denis will be switching gears and taking things up a few notches for next season. In the meantime, enjoy the Supa Dupa STi. Although his plans are under-wraps for now, you can be sure it will be another crowd pleaser.

Special thanks goes out to Mark From Ravspec, Team Ravspec/GTSPEC, Lightmodz and Fernando Jr Roxas from Fender Rolling NJ. Until next season!

Photo: Al Norris Photography

Wheels and Suspension BC BR coilover  |  Eibach front camber bolts  |  Cusco rear lateral link  |  Whiteline rear toe arm  |  Volk te37sl mag blue wheels in 18×10  |  Hankook v12 265/35/18

Exterior Blacktop aero cf lip Blacktop aero cf side skirt R205 JDM side badges Led 2 colors changing turn signal Grimspeed license plate relocation Taillight overlay Led license plate JDM rear third brake light/foglight Blackout Headlight by Lightmodz

Interior GTSpec D shape steering wheels

Engine Cobb accesport Invidia cat-less down-pipe Invidia N1 race cat-back titanium tip GTSpec aluminum under tray GTSpec aluminum radiator shroud

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