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Wednesday 10 August, 2011

Eyes on a Skateboard

You see ’em everyday. You might even be one of them. I used to be. The Skaters of NYC. Amongst all of the sounds you hear in this city, the sound of a skateboard rolling over pavement makes you think of so many things. Instant thoughts of nostalgia, fun, and cool run through my head…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

Across the Board – Autism Awareness

Take a skateboard, an artist, and bring them together for a good cause and what you get is Across the Board – Artist for Autism Awareness. What do you get when you take raw skateboards and put them in the hands of some of the most talented urban artists to do as they please? A…

Saturday 18 September, 2010

NIKE SB P-Rod + Crew at Rucker Park

NIKE has been doing big things lately in the NYC, and in particular Rucker Park. This summer, they brought a crew of inspiration to the streets of Harlem in the form of Paul Rodriguez, Yongess Amrani, Shane O’Neill, Daniel LeBron, Ishod Wair, Theotis Beasley and Erik Koston. P-Rod and the rest of the NIKE SB…