The PreGame – Part 1

Thursday 10 October, 2013 | By SNTRL

Photography by Erica Lee aka Wild Legacy Photography  |  Sam Sherriff  |  Cedric Melbourne Photography  |  P R A V A N Photography   |  Kenny Bascon

Last year, we came up with the idea for The PreGame because we wanted to celebrate three things. First off, the WekFest tour was coming to our part of the country for the first time, after being a huge success on the West Coast and the rest of the country. Second, we were excited to give the good folks at Wekfest and the world a taste of how we live our life in The NYC. Third, our good friends and family from Chicago was making the trek from the Windy City, and to honor them and show proper hospitality, we put together a cruise the night before WekEast giving them a tour of some of New York City’s highlights. It was a night of life-long memories, laughs and non-stop excitement.

For 2013, we officially worked together with the good folks at WekFest to celebrate WekEast 2013, cruising through New York City while capturing a taste of our rides, our city, our life. With well over 175 photos in the SNTRL x WekEast PreGame coverage, we have divided the coverage into a “three-part series”, starting with the beginning of the cruise and the first meet-up, on location at the site of where the VRaceworks Harlem Meet goes down.

Known to be misunderstood as “invite-only”, The PreGame is actually a “word of mouth” meet and cruise. Word of the event is spread through friends and friends of friends. Although some may not agree with this method, we do this mainly to keep things as organized while we are parked, and then while we cruise the streets, following a pre-planned route and stopping a checkpoints that we have setup. This is a time for fellow enthusiast to come together and enjoy the things we love while doing our best to avoid have someone be reckless, attracting unwanted, unnecessary attention.

Made famous by plenty of movies, music videos and our good friends are VRaceworks who host their Harlem Meet here, this particular stretch of roadway, under the West Side Highway/Joe DiMaggio Highway, is a familiar site.  But before we get into more photo coverage of this location, the PreGame actual starts in the driveways, and local streets all across the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) and surrounding areas.

SNTRL’s Pravan K. captured some of the SNTRL team getting ready to head out from Queens, New York.

SNTRL’s Chris Umali aka Umali Photography and his super-duper clean EG looking fresh for the night.

Our homies in the UberFresh Squad ready to roll.

Siva’s pimp ass Ruckus. Super clean as always!

The man himself, Jay Martin of Makoa Scooter and Composimo fame.

Those arches can never get old. Harlem World.

It was an awesome, relaxing time as The PreGame kicked off. Beautiful rides, awesome people, and the city to take in. Once the sun went down, according to schedule, it was time to roll out on the cruise. Scroll below to check out the Harlem photos in this first-of-three-part installment.


It’s time to head out!

Check out Part Two of The PreGame coverage by clicking HERE.

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Laissez-faire: Sneakercon 2013

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