Rotary Factory 2010 at 5POINTZ

Thursday 30 September, 2010 | By Edo

Street culture and passion. What does that mean anyway? People throw those terms around so much that we’re desensitized as to what it means to represent the streets. These days you have tons of marketing campaigns talking about ‘Street’. Some companies even claim to be a ‘Street culture’ brand. That may hold true for some and be complete BS for others. At the end of the day, only those who run the streets and go in on the daily know what’s really good. If you’re a Graffiti artist, you refine your art to make your mark on the world. The risks may be high, but its all worth it in the end. When it comes to cars, some may say the same goes for Rotary heads. Tell anyone at your local car show or meet that you want to buy a Rotary, first thing you’ll probably hear is” Why?”. Then you may hear comments like “Those cars overheat” and “They are a bitch to maintain”, the list goes on. Being that my dream car is a RE-Amemiya tuned Wangan style FD, I’ve heard this countless times. Much like Graffiti artists, the life of those who choose the path of 0 pistons is much more involved. Those who are truly passionate, create beauty. When these two worlds cross paths, we arrive at the Rotary Factory of 2010 at 5POINTZ. A gathering of those who define ‘Street Culture’.

It all went down on September 26. Ken was down in Maryland for H2O, and I was stuck being a ricer in Jersey. Fortunately, one of the event organizers, Omar (NYC Driftking) was generous enough to share a few photos. As you can see, just about every type of eye candy you can think of was present.

I always find it amazing how the 17 year old FD3S still looks so modern. The timeless design relates nicely with its younger sibling, the RX-8.

Its always the classics that steal the show. True legends that are kept in immaculate condition. These are the types of cars that personify the love.

As with everything, inanimate objects are nothing without the human touch. Its the human element that makes these machines and these walls come to life. The bonds, blood, sweat, and tears are what create greatness and beauty from sheer material.

This final shot encompasses everything I love about this shit. The walls, not a single spot untouched, completely covered with intricate designs that were once mere ideas. They all surround one of the pinnacles of Rotary tuning, a 3 Rotor FD.  Two worlds, completely unrelated, yet communicate similar idealism. Placed side by side, they create art and communicate passion. This, is where the real street culture lives.

Big thanks to Omar the NYC Drift King and Dennis (aka Sinned2545) for putting this event together. SNTRL will definitely be in the house for the next one! Shout out to the homies at,, and! Also big ups to who make all the decals and shirts etc for the Rotary community. They also printed Dennis’s dope design for the event!

More pics here
Ladder group pics here

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