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Saturday 19 November, 2011 | By Ken


This Audi TT is one of those vehicles that can catch you off guard. Decked out in all black, the shoes always stand out even more so than your average vehicle. This particular platform is not one of the more common vehicles you will find. Audi TT’s have always had a certain appeal as a two-door, top down Euro luxury roadster, so when Steve Florio moved on from his shaved, half flat/half gloss mk4 Jetta to the Audi, he knew exactly what he had had, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do. The mission was to build a classy, traffic-stopping-stunner with just the right details to set it apart from most other TTs.


SNTRL Photographer, Chris Umali, took this beauty out for a photoshoot at a few spots in Queens, NY. Using the Triboro Bridge as a backdrop, as well driving over the treacherous roads that lead to the world-famous 5Pointz, Umali managed to really capture the essence of this TT. If there is one thing that really brings out the bold details, it’s contrast. Contrast between the exquisite classiness of the ride and the coarse, rough flavor of the street.


Sitting on Rotiform Nues ( Up Front, 18×9.5 – offset 20/ Rear, 18×9.5 – offset 5) and wrapped with Falken 512s (225/40/18) all around, lowered on Bilstein PSS9’s, this TT sits just right static. We have seen some extreme examples, even on static, but extreme does not always mean better, and in this case, Steve has his Audi sitting just right. Not surprisingly, this vehicle is also his daily.


Among some of the things that really sets this TT apart from the rest, the factory-option’d “baseball” stitching on the interior as seen below. Only found on a small number of TT’s, the rare options can’t be beat. It’s all about the details.


Not too long after Umali’s photoshoot, Florio picked up a super-rare OEM Audi TT hard top straight from Europe. In factory Nimbus Grey, the offset of colors just continues the contrast theme that really makes Florio’s TT stand out even more. Check out some of Florio’s photos from his own personal photoshoot including a shot with his friend’s S2000 from Limitless Promo.




And to top things off, check out the TT’s latest set of shoes. CCW LM20’s, 18×9 up front, 18×10.5 out back wrapped with Falken 512’s in 215/40/18 front and 235/40/18 at the rear. This TT is constantly switching things up to stay on top of its game.


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Shot by Chris Umali + Steve Florio

– Bilstein PSS9 Fully Adjustable Coilovers w/ Euro Polo Strut Bushings
– Rotiform Nues – 18×9.5 et20 up front and 18×9.5 et5 out back with Falken 512s – 225/40/18 all around

– CCW LM20 – 18×9 front and 18×10.5 rear with Falken 512 tires – 215/40/18 front and 235/40/18 rear

– 42 Draft Design Audi TT 225 High-Flow Intake System

– Stock down pipe with gutted cats
– Custom catback exhaust, no res, with magnaflow muffler
– Unitronic Stage 2 chip with custom tune (Sponsorship)
– Brembo’s – 4 piston Brembo’s up front
– Misc. brushed aluminm pieces in the engine bay
– Rare Baseball Stiched Interior (OEM)
– AWE Vent Pod boost Guage
– Race Diagnostics Vent Pod LCD graphical display of the diagnostic data and performance

– Euro spec OEM hardtop in Nimbus Grey

General Info:
Audi TT 225 1.8t
6 speed AWD

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Rotary Factory 2010 at 5POINTZ
Rotary Factory 2010 at 5POINTZ

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