Exotics on the Square

Tuesday 16 August, 2011 | By Ken


Once again, Times Square, NYC got shut down on one beautiful summer night. After making a big impact for its inaugural event last year, NYC was in for another memorable night.

A charitable event benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City, the 2nd Annual Exotics on the Square, hosted by Exotics Rally was epic, and brought Times Square down to a halt. 45th Street between Avenue of the Americas and Broadway belonged to the Exotics on August 6th. And if you think I’m exaggerating, just check out this pic below.


Once the sun went down, the rain came pouring in for much of the early part of the evening. No matter though. This is New York City, and rain or shine, the city never sleeps. This year, the streets of Times Square were privileged to have some of the participants from Bullrun 2011 come back together for another reunion after racing cross-country together earlier this summer. Along with their cars, they also brought their bravado and character which makes the Bullrun so much more than just a cross-country competition. It also brings together teams with their own trademarks and personalities that make following their adventures during the Bullrun that much more exciting.

Posing in front of Seth Rose’s GTR that took home the Bullrun 2011 Championship belt is from left to right, TMINUS model Kat Zel, TMINUS NYC, Seth Rose, Ice-T and Will.


Team Salamone was well-represented with their beautiful Gallardo and crew.



With the rain coming down, the crowds were still out in force, appreciating the fine automobiles on this lovely summer night. Big props go out to the security detail as well as the NYPD for doing their job to keep peace and order. The electric-energy from the admirers could be felt all around.


Bullrunner, celeb, and OG in the game, Ice-T in his Bentley. The crowd went crazy when Ice-T came out to say hi to all the fans and exotic admirers.


In the end though, this show was all about the cars. Although you will find exotics cruising the streets of New York City, getting over 70 of them together in Times Square at the same time, made for one incredible event. Scroll down for the full gallery of jaw-dropping awesomeness and get a taste of the experience that was the 2nd Annual Exotics on the Square hosted by Exotics Rally!

Sexy Saleen S7 sitting pretty on 45th.



Yep. A R34 made its presence known too.




All these 911’s were nothing to mess with. Beware when you see them in your rearview.


On the topic of rear view, this GT is smiling right at you.


We last saw this GTA tearing it up down the drag strip. Now she’s just relaxing enjoying the attention.



Motorcepts brought out a few of their M’s.



Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, AMG’s, Aston Martin’s, Vette’s, Vipers, and even an ultra-rare Cobra R made special appearances with Exotics Rally at Exotics on the Square.


The first year was a blast. The 2nd year built upon the success and was even more incredible. We can’t wait to see what Exotic Rally’s Exotics on the Square brings to the crossroads next year!

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