Exotics Rally lining it up on the 1320

Saturday 06 August, 2011 | By Ken


Exotics Rally is well known for organizing exciting events with jaw-dropping autos as well as participating in events such as the Bullrun, which was won by Exotic Rally’s own Seth Rose!

Last weekend, Exotics Rally hosted the ER 1/4 Mile event at Englishtown, New Jersey that featured rubber-burning, reaction-time chasing, heads-up racing with power and grace on display.

Exotics Rally may be known for bringing out some of the rarest, fastest, most beautiful exotics in its events, but this track rental welcomed most cars that were muffled and ready to battle. On this day, there was a mix of American muscle, both old and new, European brawn, and Japanese power. Testing both the vehicle and the drivers behind the wheel, there were grudge racing runs and overall battles that came down to getting the best possible reaction time and sixty-foot. In the end, it was an awesome day of racing with good people, good food and exciting competition. After checking out the coverage, be sure to scroll to the bottom for the full gallery of the Exotic Rally 1/4 Mile event!

Next up on the Exotics Rally events schedule is the Exotics on the Square, where 45th street will be blocked off with Exotics lining Times Square between Broadway and 6th Avenue. This is going down this weekend, August 6th at 7pm.


Etown Track Official taking care of business at the Driver’s Meeting.


TMINUS holding things down during the event, as always!

Hitting the strip with a V10 Audi R8 and a 911.


S4 showing how an AWD launch should look…..AGGRESSIVE!


Two street-tire’d domestics featuring boost. In one lane was a beautiful yellow Saleen and in the other lane was a GTA sporting two gigantic turbines that made some beautiful music going down the strip.


This old school Mustang Shelby GT350 was more than a classic pretty face. She got down and dirty with this particular run taking on an C-class Benz.


Speaking of Mercedes Benz’s, it was quite a scene to see all of the American Muscle taking on the 1320 on street tires, but the majority of Benz’s taking on the competition with slicks…



…and in some cases, skinnies too.


Seth and Ken’s grudge match was close but the win goes to Seth with a 12.1 @ 119 mph in his bone stock Lambo Gallardo Superleggera.


On this day, Japanese power took home the crown down the 1/4 mile with a host of GTR’s breaking deep into the 10’s on street tires.
Amazing to say the least.


Joseph Castellana’s Boostlogic GTR took home quickest ET with a 10.3….


…and Marc Ehrenberg’s GTR doing a best of 10.4.


Dodge Viper vs a Nissan GTR. Two powerhouses representing their countries at the strip with a good ole’ fashioned grudge match.


We can’t get enough of the AMG’s! Even with the hot and humid summer weather, we were seeing these luxury sedan’s running low 11’s all night!



As the sun set, the racing just kept going. These guys don’t just talk the talk…they get out there and run the run!




Props to Exotics Rally and all who came to race. Line it up!

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